Our wholesale with hides and skins is active on the Czech market since 1991. The cattle hides, that we resort, are mainly from the southern Bohemia, where is also the headquarters of our company (130km from the city Linz in Austria and 130 km from the German Passau).

New stock

Old HQ

Our company started in an old agricultural farm. We also have started there to sort the cattle hides salted in the slaughterhouses, according to the categories (sex, weight division and quality).

After stabilization of our position and after we worked up quite a good share in the market, in the 1994 we have build a new warehouse on a free place. This enabled us to resort the cattle hides in the fresh state because we could salt them now.

Construction of our new warehouse

Sorting line

In the following years we have gradually equipped the stock. In the first stage it was the „transporting, sorting, electronically controlled line“ for the fresh hides and in the second stage it was the cooling storage that enable us to export the hides in the fresh state. We were the first company in the Czech Republic who had this equipment.

Since our company was established we have a trained and cooperating team of workers that share each stage of the development of our company. Thanks to the fact that we have no fluctuation, we can guarantee continuity of our production.